Welcome to The Outside

Natural Dyes and Authentic Colours.salisbury museum 2

Our specialism is naturally dyed wool, silk and linen, but we also make and sell a variety of other products. We draw on our backgrounds in Living History, Botany, Archaeology, heritage education and heritage crafts of many kinds.

To find out more or book us for your event, please contact us.
To purchase naturally dyed wool, silk and clothing, please visit our Etsy Shop.

We can provide:

  • Guided use of a set of quern stones and a hand made replica Iron Age loom.
  • Spinning, weaving and natural dyeing workshops.
  • Natural dyeing demonstrations, talks and presentations
  • Historical outreach sessions for schools and other groups- A costumed guide with a range of reconstructed possessions to take you through daily life in the past and answer any questions!
  • Colour matching in natural dyes.
  • Advice on which colours are suitable in your historical period.

We can also provide all workshops etc. in a range of historical periods: specifically Iron Age / Roman, Medieval, and Tudor / Stuart. We are soon hoping to add Viking / Saxon.

We are always open to new projects, please contact us if you have a commission, to purchase any of our products or for any further information.

What can we bring?

We have:

  • Two large canvas tents.
  • An authentic style fire stand, to ensure site safety.
  • A set of quern stones which can be used.
  • A hand made replica Iron Age warp-weighted loom.
  • Smaller looms for individuals to use.
  • Dyestuffs from all periods of history and examples of their colours.
  • Ochres of different colours.
  • Drop spindles and spinning wheels.

We can give demonstrations and workshops on more aspects of life than ever before.