5c Naturally Dyed Embroidery Silk in 10 metre skeins


Naturally dyed 100% pure luxurious Italian Mulberry Silk in a DK weight and 10 metre skeins. Suitable for hand embroidery, tablet weaving, luxurious braids and tassels, knitting or crochet.


100% pure luxurious mulberry Italian spun silk yarn, DK weight in 10 metre skeins.
Naturally dyed at our small outside dye house in Oxfordshire, using well water and plant or insect dyes, many of which are grown or gathered by us in a sustainable way from the organic Estate on which we are based. When we do use imported dyes we source these directly, or from a company with a strong ethical sourcing policy.
The joy of natural dyes is the wide variety of colours, shades and tones we are able to produce. Whilst it would, in many ways be easier and more practical to batch dye and standardise our colours, we are reluctant to give up the individual and experimental and we enjoy making the results of this available to our customers. Therefore we give each colour or shade we produce a unique name and photograph it with a label, so that you can be clear about what you are buying. We name some of the classic colours that each dyestuff produces after the dyestuff itself (e.g. woad blue or madder red), other colours are named using the Pantone colour system (this occasionally causes confusion as several Pantone colours are also plant names – please contact us if you would like to know what dyestuffs have been used to create a particular colour).
This silk yarn is suitable for hand embroidery, tablet weaving, luxurious braids and tassels, knitting or crochet. Wash gently by hand in warm water with soap or detergent. Don’t wring out or agitate too much and dry flat.
We have a plentiful stock of this beautiful Italian silk yarn and we are very happy to create a custom order for you if you would like a larger quantity of one or more colours, or if there are colours you would like that are not listed.
We are also able to advise on which colours are appropriate for specific historical periods.
We have a policy of buying no new packaging material for use in posting out parcels, we re-use old packaging gathered from other local businesses, individuals and schools. We hope you will enjoy receiving your parcel, whatever shape and size it is, knowing that it has a little less impact on the environment.

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