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Card Payment

Starting May 2017, we will be able to accept credit and debit card payments (chip+pin, contactless and magnetic strip) when you meet us in person at fairs and markets. Do make use of this where possible, the limiting factor will be the availability of WiFi or 3g / 4g signal. Please bear with us if this is not available in some more rural events.

Partnership with Ancient Music

This year we are beginning a partnership with Kate and Corwen, who run Ancient Music.

They have worked at Stonehenge, the Ancient Technology Centre and Poole mueums among others. Their many years of experience in running workshops on music, drama and early prehistory fits well with our expertise.

Together, we are known as The History People.

(L-R) Romilly, Corwen, Kate and Rachel – Sunburnt after a long week at Salisbury Museum

New wools and colour ranges

This summer we have been developing new types and colours of wool and silk.

We have:

  • Double knit knitting wool in the full range of colours. This is thinner and more tightly spun than our other double knit.
  • Swaledale breed wool. Ideal for those who want a more hard-wearing or prehistoric type wool. Goes well with our existing herdwick breed wool, but unlike the grey herdwick, the swaledale is white so dyes bright colours.
  • Spun silk in 2 weights. This is shiny and more ‘silky’ than the wild silk.
  • New colour range – We have been develping “Earth” colours – Softer and warmer than the standard bright colours.


We are pleased to have comissioned David Gregory of Cobalt Blacksmiths to make us a new fire grid structure, so we can take our natural dyeing to more events.

If your event is in a sensitive environment, which cannot have fires on the ground, then we will soon be able to demonstrate natural dyes for you! Our new fire grid will keep the fire off the ground, as well as proving secure support for our dye pans.

We also hope to soon be able to take some of Cobalt Blacksmiths products to market. These may include small items such as knives and S-hooks, and maybe some larger items such as lanterns.