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Ufton Court Family Open Day

Great to be back at Ufton. A successful day with many colours dyed and lots of weaving on the Iron Age warp-weighted loom. We also placed some little looms outside, resulting in spontaneous weaving!

The willow longship was growing very successfully and is clearly well used. It is fitting in well within the new living history area.


Our stall at Ufton Court.

A Merrie Noyse!

At Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, we were lucky enough to have been in the market next to A Merrie Noyse, a fabulous minstral group who play a very wide range of instruments and  music from different times.

During their set on Sunday, we danced several Tudor Playford dances to their music. Hopefully we will be able to reherse together soon and bring the music and dancing to other events in the future.

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Some of the hottest days of the year! We were impressed by the festival management providing cooling and entertaining fixed water sprays and their concern for everyone.

We were in the market next to a Merrie Noyse, a minstrel group who we accompanied in the main tent with some Tudor playford dances. This was enjoyable for all of us, its not often we get to dance for a full band!