About Us

The Outside at Michelham Priory Medieval fair 2013. Photo courtesy of Michelham Bowman.

The Outside Artisans is a collective of creative craftspeople. We aim to provide an outlet for handmade goods and commissions provided by artisans who would otherwise find markets inaccessible.

The core of The Outside is a small group of people who enjoy living history, archaeology and crafts and we have many years experience in practical and historical education and skills. We draw on our backgrounds in Living History, Botany, Archaeology, heritage education and we practise heritage crafts of many kinds.

We use natural dyes to create a range of wool and silk yarn in a wide variety of colours for craftspeople and re-enactors. We also work in wood, linen and woollen cloth, and leather, creating a range of historical clothing and accessories.

We are always open to new projects, please contact us if you have a commission.

We were established in 2012 after trialling at one event in 2011. You can find out here which events we will soon be a part of.