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A selection of responsibly sourced imported natural dyestuffs.




Brazilwood Chips – a wide range of pinks with an alum mordant, (soak for a few days for best results, the chips are quite large but we find the vat keeps going for a long time).
Cochineal beetles from the Canary IslandsĀ  – a wide range of pinks with an alum mordant (these are whole dried beetles so grind/crush with pestle and mortar or similar).
Dyer’s Alkanet – slightly fugitive purples!
Turkish Madder (very high quality) – good reds, oranges and pinks with an alum mordant, (this is ground madder but with pieces, so the vat will keep on giving after the initial dyeing).
Logwood Chips- purples with an alum mordant
Safflower – yellows, oranges and pinks (on cotton) red (on silk). This dye was used to make ‘red tape’.
Indigo and Woad – blues and if over-dyed with any yellow a wide range of greens. We currently sell Sodium Hydrosulphite (reducing agent) and Soda Ash (alkali) for use in making an Indigo or Woad vat, see Mordants, Assistants and Sundries. If you need detailed instructions on how to make a vat using Indigo or Woad Extract please email us .

We do plan to publish guides to using the mordants and dyestuffs – in the meantime pleaseĀ email us if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them. Photos of your dye baths / vats / dyed skeins may help us problem solve.

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Brazilwood Chips, Cochineal Beetles, Dyer's Alkanet, Indigo, Turkish Madder, Logwood Chips, Safflower, Woad Extract


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