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Card Payment

Starting May 2017, we will be able to accept credit and debit card payments (chip+pin, contactless and magnetic strip) when you meet us in person at fairs and markets. Do make use of this where possible, the limiting factor will be the availability of WiFi or 3g / 4g signal. Please bear with us if this is not available in some more rural events.

New wools and colour ranges

This summer we have been developing new types and colours of wool and silk.

We have:

  • Double knit knitting wool in the full range of colours. This is thinner and more tightly spun than our other double knit.
  • Swaledale breed wool. Ideal for those who want a more hard-wearing or prehistoric type wool. Goes well with our existing herdwick breed wool, but unlike the grey herdwick, the swaledale is white so dyes bright colours.
  • Spun silk in 2 weights. This is shiny and more ‘silky’ than the wild silk.
  • New colour range – We have been develping “Earth” colours – Softer and warmer than the standard bright colours.

Naturally Dyed Woollen Braid

This time last year, we got a braid comission to finish off a madder-coloured tunic.

The owner returned this year to show us how it looked!

It has been used to hem his tunic and will soon be adorning his cuffs as well. We are very pleased with how it looks, how well the colours co-ordinate and he seemed very pleased to have authentically coloured clothing.


New Products

Yew Wood?
We are excited about our new wooden pendants, for christmas tree decorations and necklaces. They are made of Yew, which has beautiful structure, the rings and different colours of heartwood and sapwood are clearly visible.

We are planning to burn designs into them, some of which will be bespoke – Names and requested designs.

A perfect gift.

Spinning Kits
We now have Drop Spinning kits, which include a hand-made drop spindle, some wool to spin and a how-to instruction sheet. Now you can learn at home.

More Colours too…

We love all our new colours, they’ll be in a market near you soon!